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Borns with the aim of offering families services at competitive prices in the tourist sector and beyond.

In the tourism sector, the Club, makes arrangements directly with the facilities eliminating any mediation

With this system we can have free weeks free in formula residence nei periodi promozionali e sconti fino al 70% on average and up to 50% in high season.

Through a Club Partner, the Multibuy Circuit, provides all ours Associate a different number of €urocredit, a virtual currency to use to get discounts reserved to the Wonderland Club members.

Urocredit credits can be used to book holidays on the website or to buy consumer goods on our e-commerce website Taking advantage of exceptional discounts!

Gives you a debit card which allows the shareholder to have an exclusive service ... to have a return on the same!
Every time you use the card you can earn from new associations, royalties and transactions!

You will also receive an Emergency Card The card you hope to never use, but when you need it saves your life!
A real online medical records that, if case of need, anywhere in the world can inform those who aid us on our medical conditions.


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