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Earn from the new associations

For each new member, the presenting Member will receive a Bonus according to qualification

Platinum - 22 €

Black - 20 €

Silver - 15 €

Basic – 10€

Earn from Royalty

For each pre-association voucher, the presenting Member will receive a Royalty Card
according to qualification

Platinum - 12 cents / €

Black - 8 cents / €

Silver - 3 cents / €

Basic - 0 cents / €

Earn from the transactions

Whenever the WonderlandCard is used in a contracted shop we will receive Cash Back according to qualification


The business recognizes the 20% discount, in this case the 10% is re-credited to the card user (Wonderland MasterCard) and the remaining 10% is distributed between the network that produced that card with a percentage criterion.

Earn from the use

Every time the Wonderland Card is used to make purchases you will earn € urocredit

Whenever we use the WonderlandCard MasterCard in Conventional Store and not, the entire amount spent will be returned as €urocredit to use in the Multibuy circuit.


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